Friday, 3 June 2022

Depp Trial: How It Reveals The Deep Prejudice We Hold Against Men...

As soon as the trial ended, Amber Heard, her lawyers and various Feminist nutters were off on the 'misogyny' trail.

Because all the evidence was wrong you see, and women can never be wrong and men can never be victims of women.

Monday, 18 April 2022

Is this the end of science? | HBR Talk 220


Deborah Powney joins the Honey Badgers to take a look at a paper that inspired their title question. As they examine this report, keep the following in mind: Woke ideologues use collective guilt and victimhood themes organized into a threat narrative like this as their shield against criticism and as their battering ram against your ability to use observable reality in your defense when they want to enact a hostile takeover of any given social territory. It’s important that we consider the question, what is their goal, and how will it affect the ability of men’s advocates to cite scientific data and conclusions in our advocacy for gender-neutral law and policy? Find everything they've got to say about anything at

Opening Monologue transcript

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Thursday, 7 April 2022

Early Feminists Pathologized Male Sexuality - The Fiamengo File 2.0

Professor Janice Fiamengo has a new series on Studio B at YouTube about the world of early Feminism. You know, the world of 'heroines' who bravely fought for 'equality'. In fantasy. 

The truth is very, very different.

Saturday, 29 January 2022

Big Sister Laura Bates Warns Us About the Manosphere Menace in Sydney Australia! | Rantzerker 149

Laura Bates, of the Everyday Misandry Sexism project, is a dreadful, victim-playing Feminist. A dyed in the wool misandrist, loaded with hate. She is well qualified to write a book called Women Who Hate Men. But she won't, obvious though it is. Laura loves demonising male minors' gender to them in classrooms - and writing books about the perfection of her gender and the evil that is the male gender.

And how innocent girls go to school and meet nasty boys.

Her sex does no wrong. Basically, she loves herself and projects all negativity - with which her personality is loaded - onto men.

The great Honey Badgers are here with the Rantzerker to pick to pieces her latest bilge. Thanks to Brian, Alison and Karen - as always.

They do swear at times, so be warned if you don't like that sort of thing.

Otherwise, listen in! So highly. recommended it hurts!

Saturday, 8 January 2022

Three consequences of society's addiction to female victimhood that we all suffer | HBR Talk 207

Honey Badgers Live Stream:

For some reason, close to the end of this stream, it was cut off by Restream & all of its information was replaced with info for another stream. At the time, the account was locked out of the stream and the information was changed. We couldn't do anything but start another stream to finish the discussion.

That stream is here: This week, HBR Talk will unmask gynocentric female hypoagency addiction, a fundamental social underpinning of our society’s gender gap in personal accountability, through examination of its manifestation in a large, heated social media brawl. Opening Monologue transcript Want more?

Thursday, 6 January 2022

Professor Janice Fiamengo - "“We Must Stop Anti-Male Indoctrination of Boys”


Janice is a writer and the creator of the Fiamengo File YouTube series at Studio BrulĂ©. She is a retired professor of English, and advocate for men’s issues, free speech, and western culture. She taught literature for 20 years, latterly at the University of Ottawa, and is the author of The Woman’s Page (2007), a study of early Canadian female journalists. She has also published online articles criticizing feminism and political correctness in magazines such as PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine. She lives in New Westminster, British Columbia, with her husband, poet and songwriter David Solway.

And here's a link to Karen Straughan's article on the 'hate filled' ranks of First Wave Feminism:

Why Feminism Was Never Not Rotten

Sunday, 12 December 2021

Honey Badger Livestream: But Toxic Femininity Is a Problem Too! Or is it? | Men's Mental Health 22

Join the Honey Badgers on the Men's Mental Health Show with Alison, Prim and Brian as they discuss the contrast between the concepts of Toxic Masculinity and it's supposed counterpart Toxic Femininity. Are these the same?

Friday, 10 December 2021

HealthyGamerGG Says Misogyny in Gaming is Bad & We Agree | Rantzerker 146

Please do not listen to this if swearing offends you. This is the RANTzerker.

Join the Honey Badgers on the Rantzerker with Alison, Brian and Karen as they look at a video from HealthyGamerGG where he attempts to address the deadly and definitely prominent issue of misogyny in the gaming hobby. No, your calendar is not off, it is 2021 and there are still people talking like it's 2015.

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Vice Hunts the Dreaded Incels and is Losing Its Mind! | Rantzerker 144

Fun, incisive analysis, comment, tangents and some good old fashioned cussing from Alison Tieman, Brian Martinez and Karen Straughan on the subject of Misandry Mile Incorporated's 'Vice'.

The Rantzerkers are one of my favourite Honeybadger ingredients. Put it on while you're doing a boring job that takes time, or skimming eBay or something, and hear the beauty that is The Rantzerker.

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HONEY BADGER LIVE STREAM: "I Hate That Men Don’t Want Me" | Dating Advice for Women

From the lovely Badgers. Peel the spuds or wipe down the window frames or make a gonk and listen. It's not short - but it's worth it.

Join us on today's Dear Badger Show as we look at this blog by Ossiana Tepfenhart. She struggles to deal with being rejected by men, even though she doesn't like men and doesn't need them. Allow me to break out the tiny violin.

Thursday, 18 November 2021

HONEY BADGER RADIO TALK: Feminists hijacking International Men’s Day? | HBR Talk 201

This week HBR Talk will discuss feminist attempts to hijack international men’s day, and consider whether women still have the opportunity to improve gender relations, and what women can do to promote gender equality. The discussion streams on multiple platforms. You can tune in to the youtube livestream, or find other listening options on

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Happy International Men's Day!

Of a sex which generally dies earlier? The vast majority of workplace deaths down in the Glass Cellar? The vast majority of custodial sentences? The vast majority of suicides? At the mercy of a powerful and long entrenched international hate group called Feminism? Can't find domestic violence shelters for you and your children (women before children, of course)? Having your day celebrated as 'international toilet day' by the evil misandrists at United Nations Women? (well, men invented the toilet, so hooray for us! Without it, the 'ladies' would be digging holes and not half as smug)

If your answer is yes to the above, then you are a man and this is your day.

So, happy International Men's Day. We'll follow up with a Honey Badger Radio talk. Google won't do a doodle for today, but we've featured one they would love.

Keep sane, keep speaking up, and enjoy the day.