Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Male Privileges...

Heck, I'm glad to be male. I'm privileged! Yup, I'm so privileged. Feminists say so all the time! I was recently 'counting my blessings' as a male, and there's so many things that men are 'privileged' in - things in which we come out on top. I started compiling a list, just for those days when I'm feeling a bit down and need to check my privilege. Here's what I've found so far...

1) Men die around six years earlier than women on average. Until recently, women retired five years earlier.

2) The vast majority of workplace deaths - around 95% - are male. This is a privilege as men do the vast majority of the dirty/dangerous work which keeps feminists' - and indeed all women's - comfortable lifestyle functioning.

3) In law, men face rough justice. They are far more likely to be given custodial sentences than women and generally afforded much less consideration. Baroness Hale, feminist President of the Supreme Court has recently ordered that the gender-sentencing gap be widened even further. Paternal parenting rights? Well, usually you can forget it. You will be expected to pay through the nose though.
Baroness President Hale, President of the Supreme Court in the UK. A small minority of people in UK prisons are women, but Hale has ordered that even less women should be sent to prison. No such consideration for men, of course. I'm privileged that somebody I wouldn't trust to feed my male cat has been placed in such a high position.

4) In certain parts of England, a wolf whistle - or even an accusation of a wolf whistle - can see a man in trouble with the police for apparently hating all women (misogyny). This is a great privilege. Of course, women being jokey and/or suggestive/downright rude with men is fine - because they are 'oppressed'.

5) Men have scrotums but should not spread their legs on public transport to ease discomfort. This is 'manspreading'. Women, meanwhile can continue to hog adjacent seats with leg spreading, shopping and handbags, etc - even put their feet up. No problem. As my growing list here shows all too clearly, this is because they are 'oppressed'.

6) Men get less money spent on their health issues than women.

7) Men should 'man-up' and be strong when stressed and not be 'man babies'.

8) Men work longer hours than women in general and, as mentioned before, do the vast majority of dangerous/dirty work. But I know feminists and 'dog whistle' politicians and the trendy media will always go on about a 'gender pay gap' as though it is a problem brought about simply by men being paid more for the same work. Though even the Office For National Statistics debunks this. This is a real privilege.

9) I know that men are to blame for the imaginary 'glass ceiling' because of a tiny minority of men who opt to work crazy hours to become CEOs and outnumber women (who don't opt to work crazy hours) in those positions.

10) I know because feminists tell me so that masculinity is often 'toxic'.

11) I know that even though there are discriminatory all-women shortlists, etc, and that women are simply not opting for the job, that men are to blame for the lack of female MPs. Despite the fact that there are more women voters than men.

12) I know (thanks to MP Jess Phillips) that the male population of the UK should not expect its issues to be addressed in parliament until there are more female MPs. This surprises me as female MPs are often own-gender-adoring and own-gender-prioritising feminists, but if Jess Phillips says that the problems of everyday men will get an uncontested hearing when there are more female MPs, then it must be so, eh?

13) I'm privileged because there is no Minister for Men and Boys in the UK Parliament. And no plans for one. Ever.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is a prime example of the self-interest and over-identification with their own gender that women in power often tend to have. Men are privileged to have her in power.

14) Men and their children are privileged by the severe lack of domestic violence shelters for them, despite the fact that official statistics show that the current reporting of DM is 60/40% female/male. Children and spouses of abusive women must simply 'man up'. Women, of course, are always believed and catered for - even ahead of children - because they are 'oppressed'. This is a privilege that men abused by their partners share with their children and is one of the most wonderful privileges in the 21st Century UK.

15) I am privileged to know that it can be terribly stressful and disappointing for women to discover that they are expecting a 'beastly' male baby.

16) I'm privileged because my national broadcaster, the BBC, is a hate organisation. It broadcasts programmes like Panorama: Can Violent Men Change? when it is known reported domestic violence incidents currently stand at 60/40% female/male and that men have difficulties in reporting due to lack of support - and the skewed attitude of the legal system in the UK. The BBC, thanks to female and male ideologue staff and 'White Knight' males, bows at the altar of a highly flawed ideology. Its name? Feminism.

17) I'm privileged because far more men commit suicide than women.

18) I'm privileged to belong to a sex which is quite happy to let its gender-mates go hang to appease feminists.

19) I'm privileged that women are favoured with women only shortlists, etc, when it comes to obtaining prestigious jobs. This produces women in charge like Dany Cotton, the head of the London Fire Brigade, who wants the word 'men' erased from 'firemen' and calls her male colleagues 'hairy-arsed'.

Sexist Dany Cotton got her job through women-favouring and calls her male colleagues in the London Fire Brigade 'hairy arsed'. She thinks people with vaginas are better.

20) I'm privileged that 'charities' like Oxfam and Shelter spends lots of donated money on feminist causes and feminist propaganda, despite the fact that poverty/famine knows no gender divide and that the vast majority of homeless people are men.

21) I'm privileged that I could face prison if accused of abuse by a woman. Proof? Less and less needed. Oh, glee!

You see? Ain't being a male grand? As for 'historical oppression', well I'm sure my great-great grandmother wouldn't have swapped jobs with my great-great grandfather for quids.

The human race is probably one of the least intelligent races on the planet, judging by attitudes towards feminism. Perhaps, as Victoria Wood said, we should remember that most of us arrive in this world via a hole very near someone's bum. And that no gender is sainted or worthy of chivalry.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Manspreading? What About Womanspreading?

Women caught on public transport 'womanspreading' or 'femspreading'. 

Now, we all know that the feminist movement resents men sitting with their knees apart on public transport, even though men have scrotums and this is the most comfortable (and healthiest) way for them to sit. So, what about women sitting with their legs apart on public transport, as caught on camera here. Most space-hogging and inconsiderate, is it not? And an unpleasant reminder of women's naughty bits.

Actually, it doesn't bother me in the slightest - but surely if feminists believe it's wrong for men to do it, then it is wrong for women to do it too. That's logic, isn't it?

And then there's bag-spreading - far more prevalent amongst females then men. And 'putting-your-feminine-feet-up spreading'. What is the feminist movement proposing to do about THAT, we wonder?

After all, feminism is about equality, isn't it?

In a pig's eye it is!

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Bleach On Male Genitals - Feminism In Action...

Via Dr Shayme, a YouTuber, we have discovered that a young Russian law student called Anna Dovgalyuk has been splashing a solution of bleach and water on men's crotches on the public transport system there. Apparently, she wants to combat 'manspreading', the need men have to sit with their legs apart because they have scrotums. And this dangerous woman actually got another woman to film her.

WARNING: I will continue to sit comfortably on public transport. I don't go pouring bleach on women who 'bag spread', nor do I even say anything, and I expect to be granted the same courtesy for being able to just sit comfortably. Anybody pouring anything smelling of bleach on my genitals can expect to be granted a spontaneous reaction - the type of reaction one may expect when pouring bleach onto another person's genitals.

Absolutely horrendous. Dr Shayme fills us in above - with actual footage.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Ann Widdecombe - Right And Wrong

Good old Ann Widdecombe has been lashing today's feminists over in the Daily Mail, telling them to stop whining and demanding special privileges. She does, however, seem to think that feminism in the 1970s was a force for good. Really, Ann? The 70s was when the modern feminist movement began exhibiting its misandrist colours in full. The old movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s was dead and gone and already loaded with misandry. But, in the 1970s, remember The Female Eunuch, Germaine Greer's masterclass in misandry? Remember Erin Pizzey, issued with death and bomb threats by the feminist movement because she knew there was a need for shelters for male victims of domestic violence? As for Ann's claim that women were discriminated against when it came to getting a mortgage, it was damned hard to get a mortgage in the 1970s whether you were male or female. And as for feminists fighting for equal pay in that decade? The Equal Pay Act in 1970 (based on an American law of 1963) saw any quibbles from feminists on the jobs front supposedly settled.

Ann's memory is playing her tricks. Still a good article all the same. Read it here -

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Erin Pizzey Speaks About Domestic Violence And The Evil Empire Of Feminism

Erin Pizzey opened the first domestic violence shelter for women in England in 1971. Her findings, that sixty-two of the initial intake of one hundred women were as violent or more violent than the men they had left, provoked outrage from the feminist movement. Miss Pizzey and her family were threatened (including death and bomb threats) and her family dog was killed. Finally, she left England.

Miss Pizzey's parents were both violent and her findings that domestic violence is not gendered have continued to earn her hate from the multi-million pound empire of feminism. The Empire of Misandry.

Feminism has wound itself into the fabric of our world, corrupting the law and creating great injustice and misery. And death - as the male suicide rate spirals. And how many children are left with violent mothers because there are no shelters for fathers and children? Here, Miss Pizzey talks about her work.

I find this video warm and inspiring.

And a reminder that the fight against misandry - the systemic injustice system endorsed by everything from the United Nations to the UK Government, must be won.

For everybody's sake.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Here Is The News - Today In Misandry...

This cartoon is so true and is one of our favourites. With the likes of Cathy Newman over at Channel 4 News probably seeing nothing wrong with the approach at all.

If a man does wrong, it's toxic masculinity. It's a problem men have simply through being men. If a woman does wrong - oh, dear! Whatever's the matter?! Aw, poor her!

That's not the attitude of most women or men I know.  But it is the attitude of feminists and white knight men, who simply cannot believe that women should be treated exactly the same way as men when it comes to crime and punishment.

Men are treated much more harshly by the justice system. Women already made up a minute number of prison inmates when feminist Baroness Brenda Hale, president of the UK Supreme Court, ordered that even more of a gender disparity would come about. And with her shining white knight, David Gauke, (in)justice minister falling over himself to back her up, much more injustice in the 'justice' system is on its way.

The vast majority of women I know believe that women deserve the same punishments as men for crimes. It's the feminists who don't. But then the feminists are in love with their own gender and actively hate men. I don't believe that all this 'misogyny' we hear about actually exists. A man wolf whistling at a woman does not mean he hates all women. Individual crimes against women do not mean that the male perpetrator hates all women. But misandry is the elephant in the room. It's real, and it's happening.

Don't believe me? Then wait until you're in court, or going through a divorce, or fighting the horror of male genital mutilation, or getting a custodial sentence - when a woman who has committed a worse crime walks free. Take a look at the statistics which show that your gender has a shorter life-span, that the workplace death rate is well over 90% skewed in your direction, that the male suicide rate is spiralling, that MPs like Jess Phillips are trying to close down parliamentary debates on men's issues.

But when it comes to crime, women do less harm then men, don't they? Huh! Even the shootings sprees we hear so much about are not female-perpetrator-free, and Brenda Spencer, who opened fire at her school in 1979, believes that much of what has followed is inspired by her action.

Most women I know do not believe that women are angels compared to men. But for women who do, a look at the awesome Unknown History of Misandry site might just make them think. Just click on the site title and you'll be there.

If feminist readers here decide to take a look... well, they might think about it.

But as all the feminists I know reject facts and simply carry on with their 'my gender good, your gender bad!' rantings, I won't hold my breath.

Do take a look. For people fighting for true equality, it really is a must-read.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Alison Inman And Jim Strang - Chartered Institute Of Man Hate Housing

If you are a vulnerable adult in the UK, suffering abuse or mental health problems, or anything, and in housing need, it is alarming to know that Alison Inman, the new president of the Chartered Institute of Housing, is a feminist who works for Women's Aid, is very concerned about the plight of women and children facing domestic abuse (especially women), and doesn't give a damn about men.
With official domestic abuse report rates currently standing at 60/40% female/male, it is very worrying that the likes of Alison Inman and her Vice President Jim Strang only care about the plight of women and children (and the children even take a back seat) - and totally exclude men from their considerations.
Particularly as men are not encouraged to report, suffer under the Duluth Model, and have no shelters for them or their children.
Yep, it's the old chant: 'Women = Victims. Men = Perpetrators'.
Jim Strang actually supports his stance with the highly subjective and emotive tale of how his father was abusive to his mother.
What would Erin Pizzey make of that?
Here's Alison Inman quoted at Women's Aid:
“We don’t know the true scale of domestic abuse because so much of it goes unreported. But a survey in 2016 revealed more than four million women reported having been a victim at some point since the age of 16. That means all of us are providing homes for victims.
Changes to law, though welcome, will only achieve so much while most domestic abuse remains unreported. We simply have to do more to help victims.
And that doesn’t just mean providing refuge for them when things have reached crisis point – though we could do more on this, too. It means helping people before, during and after their abuse.”
Which survey? How can the information be verified? Where is the equivalent information on men? If official statistics are not good enough, why not? If we are going into the realm of 'feelz and assertions are realz' is that a good thing? If Alison Inman is keen to help 'people' why does she only talk about women? Even children take a back seat to her own gender-adoring attitude. The 'people' thing seems a poor attempt at deviousness to us.
People like Alison Inman and Jim Strang are responsible for helping to provide shelter for the entire spectrum of humanity in need.
That they only focus on those with vaginas means that they are not fit to serve.

Emma Watson And The #HeForShe Cherry Pickers...

Emma Watson. We don't know what her acting skills are like but she is sure loaded with gasping luvviedom when it comes to the ghastly #HeForShe movement. When she stands on stage, she often gasps like she has some dreadful lung disease, like she's been working in a male glass cellar job and has become ill through it. A hazard millions of males have faced over the years. But she's simply overcome over by the fact that high-up and comfy manginas are backing her cause.

Luvvie, it makes one so emotional!

Where on earth do these dreadful women get off? Stand aside, gents, and let a feminist do your job. But only if it's comfortable, lucrative, high profile - and gives feminists plenty of chance to promote the tired old doctrine of 'Women Good/Men Bad'. Which is what the likes of 'successful' women like Baroness Hale, President of the Supreme Court, and an unscrupulous skewer of gender sentencing laws (as if they needed skewing) are doing at every opportunity.

Equality? Well no, not enough women want the long hours and grind of the high-up jobs. Good for them. But feminists think they should want them, so chivalry is what we need. But as for the dirty and dangerous jobs... let's just pretend they don't exist or that women do them just as much as men. Let's call firemen 'firefighters' and join with the odious Dany Cotton, head of the London fire brigade, who benefited from vagina-favouring job appointments, in calling firemen 'hairy arsed'.

Emma is extremely wealthy and has no perception of the work men do. Come on, luvvie, how about persuading men in the death/dangerous glass cellar jobs, which keep you all pampered and pretty, to step aside and let the women have a go?


Then that is sheer double standards and hypocrisy.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Doctor Who - 'OOPS!' and 'PHEW!' Jodie Whittaker Breaks Into The Glass Cellar...

'Oops!' says Jodie Whittaker, the new Doctor Who, as she tumbles through the glass cellar to work in traditional male occupations. Her first reaction is to say 'Phew!' as she becomes very 'woke' indeed down in a sewer…

We thought it was simply great when we heard about the trailer for the new series of the now thoroughly 'woke' BBC series Doctor Who.

The Doctor has now become a woman, which I'd never considered while watching my own favourite Doctor, Jon Pertwee, when I was a kid. Whatever next? Xena the Warrior Princess becomes a man? Anyway, I feared the show would become even more PC and misandrist than it has in recent years, but in the trailer Jodie Whittaker falls through the glass cellar into the world of male death and dangerous jobs - you know, the ones that keep the gender workplace deaths skewed at well over 90% male - and keep feminists comfortably snapping their fingers and chanting their hateful ideology in air conditioned or centrally heated comfort.

Doctor Jodie is stunned when she is told she has to spend six months working in a sewer, six months on an oil rig, then six months building high rise blocks.

'Compared to the minute number of male CEO's, the numbers of men doing these sort of jobs are staggering,' says Doctor Jodie. 'I wonder how the hateful ideology of feminism ever got a hold? Anyway, I'm knackered already and I've only been down here twenty minutes. So I must now regenerate into a man again. I face six months digging oil pipelines next...'

We jest of course. You know Auntie Beeb. Yep, Jodie breaks through the glass ceiling, working absurd (absurdly few in her case) hours to do so, and becomes extremely rich doing so.

We don't give a fig about Doctor Who here. Haven't liked it since Tom Baker took over. The idea of trying a woman as the title figure in the tired old format is fine. But not with a poisonous feminist agenda.

And one of the first things immaculately turned-out Jodie pointed out was that she is a feminist.

Glass cellar jobs? Whatever are they?

Jodie Whittaker, every time you flush your loo, say a little thanks to men, will you? 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Karen Straughan on the Suicide of Earl Silverman and the Evils of Feminism...

Feminism suppresses information about domestic violence stats which do not suit its misandrist agenda. And feminism controls governments. Don't believe me? Listen to Karen Straughan on the tragic story of Earl Silverman, which ends with his suicide.

And on the subject of violence, we come to the odious White Ribbon campaign. It came to our attention recently that an English social care organisation openly subscribes to the White Ribbon campaign, despite the fact that its staff deal with many vulnerable male adults who have experienced violence from females. The company's intranet displays pictures of proud manginas with their White Ribbon badges. So, the organisation favours ending male on female violence, but not female on male? With official statistics revealing the reported problem is 60/40% (REPORTED remember, and men are not encouraged to report), this attitude is alarming. Yet the organisation regularly wins tenders from local authorities to provide care services for vulnerable adults covering the entire spectrum of humanity.

This brings us to the persistently vandalised 'White Ribbon' sign below. People are sick of feminists and governments cherry picking just who needs help, who deserves protection, and who doesn't.

And once again, men simply don't count. In fact the inference is that men are the only people who commit acts of violence.


End violence full stop. Isn't that a better - and far fairer - aim?

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Janice Fiamengo on the 'Reporters' (Lara Whyte and Robert Jackman) at the Conference on Men's Issues 2018...

The International Conference For Men's Issues 2018 discussed things like male genital mutilation, the workplace deaths disparity, heavier custodial sentences for men, depression, suicides, decline in education and so on.

'Our' government, replete with its Minister for Women, plans not to incarcerate women even more, all-women shortlists, etc, didn't have any representatives there. Expectedly.

And the mainstream media mainly ignored it.

Two non-mainstream journalists - Lara Whyte and Robert Jackman of independent feminist platform 50.50 and something called Vice respectively, did attend to poke fun and make derisive comments in their resulting 'articles'. Not based on truth, of course. Professor Janice Fiamengo of the University of Ottawa was there and she takes us through what the 'journalists' said - and what actually happened, via her excellent Fiamengo Files, produced by Studio Brule on YouTube.

Some problem with 'anger' was apparently felt by the 'journalists' at the event, and the attitude of the recently heavily and successfully sued far-left American Southern Poverty Law Center were also reported in the articles.

Well, compared to the typical attitude men face when trying to organise men's rights events from feminists, there was nothing to report at the ICMI18. There was no shouting. No screeching. No in-your-face tantrums. No setting-off of fire alarms. Nothing. That's because the feminists didn't get to the location to try and shut the event down. For anger you need the likes of Chanty Binx ('Big Red') and the hordes of feminists out to deny men the right to have their issues discussed and cared about by those who apparently 'represent' them.

You know. People like MP Jess Phillips and Baroness Hale, president of the UK Supreme Court. Two women who, respectively, don't want to discuss men's issues in parliament and to increase the gender sentencing gap.

Thanks, Janice, for being there - and for putting the record straight.

Message To Jess Phillips, MP - Prime Cherry Picker... Try The Glass Cellar Jobs!

Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, is a typical feminist. Women must follow her dictates and so must men. Anything else is inequality. Meanwhile, she continues with her highly privileged lifestyle - it's men in the glass cellar jobs who are clearing up her mess down in the sewers, keeping her lights on, risking their lives to keep the likes of her comfy. Just as it was one hundred years ago. She keeps her make-up intact and her cupboards well stocked, while spewing hatred against men.

Dreadful Jess, she of the hallowed halls of Westminster, is banging on about the fact that women simply are not picking up the unfair opportunities, like all female short-lists, to become an MP.

That's not how she sees it, but it's how it is.

Some things are about lifestyle choices and feminists are not going to bully women into doing what they think they should do.

There IS a massive equality imbalance, Ms Phillips. But your view is not the 'fact of the matter' - and that's obvious to anybody. The equality imbalance is not skewed against women. Take for instance the glass cellar jobs - you know, the death, dangerous, dirty jobs that the likes of you wouldn't look at in the name of your cherry picking equality. 'Personal safety'? The work death rate - at well over 90% men is massively skewed. Would you like to share the 'personal safety' in the workplace of thousands of my gender, Jess?
And as for 'personal safety' elsewhere, well, the majority of victims of violence are male. Do you really want equality?

'Financial stability'? That's usually earned. And it is illegal to discriminate. Unless it's against men.
And this is the woman who tried to stop Philip Davies debating men's issues on international men's day. You know, little issues like more severe custodial sentences and the suicide rate.
And yet Ms Phillips LOVES men. Or so she says. She sure shows it, with her adherence to the tragically flawed feminist ideology.
Put your money where your mouth is, Ms Phillips. Take a glass cellar job and encourage others of your ilk to do the same. Then, we men will know that you are truly interested in losing some of your privilege and contributing meaningfully to the comfortable world you inhabit - and not just leaving it to the men, as always.