Thursday, 18 February 2021

Susan Wojcicki - Ms. Misandrist - Go and Get a Glass Cellar Job.

Susan Wojcicki, misandrist, luvvie CEO of YouTube is a dreadfully entitled, bigoted woman.

Zach Vorhies, YouTube whistle blower, revealed the dreadful Feminist agenda which partly powers this awful platform, and wealthy and highly entitled Susan Wojcicki is knee deep in misandry.

She's selectively banning men's human rights activists on YouTube.

Ms Wojcicki owes her comfortable lifestyle to men.

If it wasn't for the men in the glass cellar jobs, keeping the lights on, the water flowing, the buildings and roads built and maintained, the food farmed and arriving in the shops, the sewage pumped, the fires fought, the lives saved, she might actually have to do some REAL work. 

The gender workplace death gap stands at around 95% male. Do Feminists seek to close the gap? No, of course not. They simply want only the best - and special conditions for fulfilling these positions.

Susan is rotten to the pips. With a great deal of pleasure, we are adding her to our Misandrist Hall of Fame.

The best reply to the likes of Ms Misandry Wojcicki is a nice dose of Karen Straughan. You see, Feminism was never not rotten:

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Cressida Dick Recommends 'Shaming' Even Those Unable To Wear Face Masks As Year Of Corona Fear Continues...

Juliet Bravo? Nope - it's Cressida Yah! Boo! Sucks To You!

Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, is proof of the fact that being a female means you can get away with all sorts of things - and still climb the ladder to dizzying heights. And she's now a Dame - I suppose of the British Empire (although there isn't one).

Ms Dick was the officer in command of the disastrous anti-terrorist firearms operation in 2005 which led to the fatal shooting in London of innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes.

She was appointed Commissioner, despite protests from Mr de Menezes's family.

She isn't terribly good, to be frank, and she's been fitting her foot in it again during the Year of Fear by saying, regarding mask-wearing which is to become mandatory in English shops on 24 July:

"My hope is that the vast majority of people will comply and that people who are not complying will be shamed into complying or shamed to leave the store by the store keepers or by other members of the public.'

Other sites have highlighted the dangers of shaming, and I think the logic of masks is rather garbled and actually not following the science. But all the same, that aside, the public gets what the public wants and if that's what they want, fine.

But Ms Dick misses a vital point.

The UK Government has stated, and in fact has had to state, that those with health problems which make mask-wearing impossible will not have to wear them (pressing though the need is to avoid a virus with a less than 1% mortality rate). But Ms Dick doesn't mention that. She seems to be inviting  customers and shop keepers to gang up against all and sundry without masks.

Back in 1980, two tv dramas - Juliet Bravo and The Gentle Touch - carried the not-so-subtle message that female police officers brought extra sensitivity to the role.

No. Men or women can be sensitive or insensitive - Ms Dick proves that. And yet she gets glory, despite an innocent man losing his life in a bungled operation which she headed, and she is still clod-hopping about, creating more problems - and, as fears are running high over the hysterical media coverage and politicians' ineptitude regarding the virus, with many seeing face masks as a lifeline, she's storing up trouble and possible injury for vulnerable people who can't wear them with her 'shaming' advice.

She's also storing up the possibility that somebody might get seriously hurt. Or even killed. Nerves are twanging like discordant guitar strings at the moment.

Thoughtless? Clod hopping? No, Dame Cressida is great - she's a woman! The Gentle Touch incarnate.

Misandry At The Lancet - Women's Own Group Bias On Display...

The Lancet, of course, is given to Feminist leanings. Everything is. But look at their intriguing web page below:

The Lancet has been looking at The UK Household Longitudinal Study findings to try and gauge the impact of lockdown and the Covid-19 scenario in general on the mental health of the populations of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.The Study, a long running Feminist ideology-friendly venture, is largely conducted by web surveys, and the Lancet uses it to conclude that priorities should be as in the screen capture above (women first, of course) and says within the body of the work: 


Other sources of inequalities have widened, with pronounced increases in younger (but not older) age groups, and in women (but not men). New inequalities in mental distress have emerged, with those living with young children and those in employment at the start of the pandemic being at risk of larger increases in mental distress.

Um. But men are not as likely as women to complain about their problems. They are taught to 'man-up'. Usually by women. But the article and research, apparently by medical professionals, ignores that fact to prioritise women as in need of help (even ahead of young people) and totally ignore men in its recommendation. And 'inequalities'? What a strange word to use in this context! No, no. Different groups, different responses. An older person or a man might be more sanguine in their responses, but that's not to say they are not experiencing the same - or perhaps worse - levels of distress as those who complain of it the most. They may just view and categorise it differently. We're talking about web surveys here, for goodness sake!

Surely, mental health services should be just as readily available for men, and men should also be prioritised - particularly with the male suicide rate being what it is?

The article also uses its Feminist bent to insert a bit about helping 'women in poverty'. Four of the Lancet article's writers were women - Prof Tamsin Ford, PhD, Prof Stephani Hatch, PhD, Prof Ann John, PhD, and Holly Hope, PhD. Perhaps they could do with a look at the research that has been carried out regarding women's own gender bias? In studies, women tend to back other women in debates - and, funnily enough, men tend to back women as well, over their own gender!

Oh dear. I'm afraid The Lancet article is typical - and about as much as use as The Beano. As it infantilizes women, perhaps that's appropriate. Or perhaps we should conclude that the group which complains the most gets the most - and forget all the nuances of human nature? Link below.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Megan Rapinoe, US Women's Soccer Team, Chivalry, Misandry - And Their Unfair Pay Claim...

The US Women's soccer team opted for a totally different financial arrangement to the men's. One in which they got paid whether they play or not, and regardless of the result.

The men relied on bonuses and performance.

Far riskier.

Because of their performance success last year, the women's team, led by militant Feminist Megan Rapinoe, say they want the same remuneration as the men, plus what they already opted for - and they mounted a law suit to this end.

This could work out mightily unfair - and mightily expensive.

Of course, they depend on male chivalry to achieve their goal - and it's amazing the number of white knights, including the men's team, willing to back this.


Their claim was seen through by a judge, who dealt in facts of the case, and they now intend to appeal.

The courts system is mightily flawed. All it would take is some chivalrous white knight or Feminist judge to award them far more than the men have under their arrangement.

But be careful.

The soccer guys may later demand exactly the same, citing discrimination as the reason. Yes they want the financial security! Yes they want the performance-related dosh!

Chivalry must end.

Megan Rapinoe is a spoilt and illogical individual - as are her team mates. Take the same system as the men, or take security and possibly earn less.

Otherwise, shut up.

We see through you.

Enjoy Janice Fiamengo on the subject at the top of this post, and a discussion between Janice and Steve Brulé below.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Want Equality For Men? Here's The Answer...

One in four homeless people are women. Er, isn't there something odd about this? Shouldn't we also be concerned for the majority? Of course not, stuff the menz. As always. If you care about men? Well, you know what you are...

If you think that men have a pretty rough time of it and that women actually have by far the better deal, you'd better be prepared to discover the answer you'll almost constantly receive if you bandy your views about. You'll get it from Feminists, of course, but also from other women who haven't bought that product but have absorbed the 'gospel', or are simply enjoying the privileges, men who have absorbed the 'gospel', and are also often blinkered by old fashioned notions of chivalry, and white knight men, who ferociously back anything Feminists say, sometimes profess to be Feminists themselves, and gleefully throw their own gender under the bus.

So, if you state:

'Men are the vast majority of workplace deaths - it's around 95% - and still do the vast majority of the dirty and dangerous jobs which keep the comfortable modern world running.'

The reply will be: 'Misogynist!'

#HeForShe: Frightful luvvie Emma Watson, 'actor', spouts on alarmingly and gets all breathy and emotional when desiring equality for women. Equality? Well, darling, take his job -  #SheForHe.

If you state:

'The gender pay gap is not based on discrimination. That's illegal. It's based on hours worked, skill levels required, choice of careers/jobs, willingness to negotiate salary, etc. The Office of National Statistics even states that. So why do Feminists keep bleating on about a 'glass ceiling', but want special privileges to get there which cut out a lot of the hard work, and ignore the 'glass cellar' - overwhelmingly populated by men?'

The reply will be:


If you state:

'Men die earlier than women but pay more into the welfare system. However, they don't get equal treatment or care.'

The reply will be:


If you state:

'Men never, ever oppressed women. The two sexes coexisted and the system evolved over thousands of years, based on necessity - including and foremost - the interests of women and children. Men were actually the expendable sex.'

The reply will be:


If you state:

'How dare you use the phrase "toxic masculinity" for men, but whenever women do wrong it's PMT, or they've been abused or it's mental illness...'

The reply will be:


If you state:

'More mothers abuse/kill their children than fathers, and the stats currently stand around 60/40% in domestic violence stats between partners, with many men finding it difficult to report DV because of the lack of support. So why don't Feminists back domestic violence shelters for men and their children?'

The reply will be:


If you state:

'The Feminist ideology lies through its teeth. It's pure misandry. The Patriarchy? You prove to me that society was organised to benefit men over women! The vote was not a RIGHT - it carried huge responsibilities - financial and military - and many men didn't have it but STILL had the responsibilities. Parliaments ALWAYS listened to women. That's how we got the Tender Years Doctrine and Prohibition.'

The reply will be:


If you state:

'BELIEVE WOMEN? No way. Don't believe anybody. This leaves the innocent in a terrible position. Due process, always, please.'

The reply will be:


If you state:

'There's a massive gender custodial sentencing gap, men go to prison for crimes, for which many women don't, on a huge scale. Take a look at prison stats on a gender basis, and the work of the likes of Baroness Hale, previously of the UK Prime Court, who ordered that the gender sentencing gap be widened further because women are still not getting a fair deal in her very illogical view - which she in no way tried to explain.'

The reply will be:


If you state:

'Why do Feminist politicians, like Jess Phillips and Victoria Atkins, tell outright lies or spout one-sided bilge about domestic violence stats in parliament - and go completely unchallenged?'

The reply will be:


Womanspreading. That's fine. No scrotum and no apologies needed.

More womanspreading. 'That's OK - we'll stand.'

If you state:

'What's all this nonsense about manspreading? Men have scrotums and it's more comfortable to spread the legs. Anyway, women do it too and spread in other ways.'

The reply will be:


Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, England, (got in on a women-only ticket - and Labour was never going to fail there), is a misandrist - and she'll call you a misogynist if you point it out. Fake working class lass Jess sometimes imitates Pauline Fowler of 'EastEnders' fame in the 'UK' Parliament, and moans on Twitter that she's run out of tomato sauce (get a taxi driver to drop some in, ducks, you've got more than enough dosh), while busily buttering her own parsnips financially and doing a great disservice to all people with penises.

If you state; 'The World Health Organisation and the United Nations are horribly misandrist organisations, staffed by Feminists and White Knights - and these Feminists get away with dreadful "hate speech" and Tweets.'

The reply will be:


The reply you receive may contain other phrases - 'man baby', 'what about the menz?', 'piss baby' 'cellar dweller' and many other delights, but you can bet your better dollar 'misogynist' will be in there somewhere - or, if the replier can't pronounce/spell the word, 'woman hater'. No attempt to justify that statement, or answer your concerns will be necessary.

Feminism was ALWAYS hate. Always. Society was always gynocentric, and it's going to take a while to sort out this poisonous ideology heaped on top.

If  - or rather when - you're called a 'misogynist' for seeking fairness, simply laugh. It's pathetic. You're dealing with stupid chivalry or own-gender-adoring, misandrist women. Keep it up. Keep pointing out the truth. Keep challenging the toxic Feminist narrative - and anybody who endorses it. We owe it to future generations of boys and men.

If you'd like to read more on the origins of Feminism and its misandrist agenda, take the link to Karen Straughan here:

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Nicola Sturgeon: Misandrist Leader of Little Scotland

The face of Little Scotland - Nicola Sturgeon, purveyor of lies, racism and historical revisionism against the largest and most ethnically-mixed UK country - England, and misandry for all men in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon 'First Minister' of the Scottish 'Parliament' has just published a bill proposing that misogyny and 'stirring up hate' become a crime. Um. Sorry, what constitutes either? And what happens to misandry and freedom of speech?

Ms Sturgeon is a Feminist and a Marxist. Her view of the relationship between Scotland and England is that poor, oppressed, innocent Scotland is owed everything it gets - including and above and beyond - the Barnett Formula and its own parliament. Yep, Scotland has been so innocent and oppressed throughout history and England - by far the largest and most ethnically diverse nation - needs to pay through the nose on the back of her views, and the fake, white Celtic myth.

The English are - or were big bad Anglo Saxons, you see, and the lovely, loving Scots are Celts.
Not according to DNA evidence, of course, which reveals the majority of traditional English bloodlines are ancient Brit and they (very inclusively) married Anglo Saxons, but never mind. We musn't let facts get in the way of an agenda.

Not in Nicola Sturgeon's tiny mind.

And yet, even the English-hating BBC has had to report the facts:

According to the data, those of Celtic ancestry in Scotland and Cornwall are more similar to the English than they are to other Celtic groups. 

The study also describes distinct genetic differences across the UK, which reflect regional identities.

And it shows that the invading Anglo Saxons did not wipe out the Britons of 1,500 years ago, but mixed with them.

In the case of the North Sea oil - that's Scotland's, of course, but the rest of the UK wealth, including being allowed to share in the British Empire from the time of union with England, well, that's Scotland's right as part of the UK. And extra money per-head-of-population under the Barnett Formula. It's only 'fair'.

Nicola Sturgeon is not very intelligent. She is a poisonous personality, typical of divide and rule, Marxist types.

She doesn't like men. A couple of years back she stated that men's behaviour is a problem. Not some men, or a few men. Men. Her own gender? Lovely, of course.

Scotland has become a lag on the rest of the UK - firstly for voting to remain as part of the UK in its referendum, and then by supporting the SNP in such numbers. There are five million people in Scotland. How many in England?

Either drop the purveyor of hate, or go your own way, PLEASE. Boris Johnson, Victoria Atkins and Jess Phillips are bad enough. But Sturgeon! With her as your leader you will end up with the type of country you desire, no doubt.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

The United Nations At The Time Of Coronavirus: Misandry Overdrive

United Nations @UN: 'Women and girls are facing unique challenges in the face of COVID19.'

What challenges? Is it because they're not dying in such great numbers as men? Is it because they're not the vast majority of people out on the streets maintaining the emergency services and the infrastructure? Is it because they're not 95% of workplace deaths, like men? Gender equality? Do they want it? This is another nonsensical, highly misandrist tweet from the United Nations. The organisation, Feminist to its core, specialises in them.

We recently had a fire in our neighbourhood. The attenders were firemen - not firefighters. Not a single woman amongst them. These men were on call to answer any emergency - first responders - and imagine if they hadn't been there, particularly during this time of crisis.

Recently, during this crisis, a woman in our street had a heart attack. Strangely, the ambulance crew were both men. Our doctor is a man. The postman is a man. We know many male nurses - and the vast majority of hospital porters, face to face with patients and mess, are men. But no, no forget that - the crisis is all about women and girls. According to the United Nations, women and girls are uniquely at the frontline of the covid-19 pandemic as first responders. Try removing the men from the equation, eh? 

Boys are far more likely to suffer physical abuse than girls, and mothers murder their offspring far more than men. Biased laws brought in during the Feminist era make out domestic violence to be a gendered issue. Reliable studies and statistics show a very different picture. But, hey - none of that! It's a women's crisis! And men are using the coronavirus to hit women in their own homes. No stats to support that, of course, and quite frankly any stats provided by Feminist organisations can easily be debunked, but we now have a situation that if a woman SAYS she was abused, then she was abused. No proof needed. But abused men? Get stuffed. Same goes for abused boys - the majority of abused children.

Women and girls are doing far better than men in the education system - both compulsory and higher. But give them special grants and scholarships - they're disadvantaged.

More men are dying from the coronavirus than women - but, what on earth are you thinking about - women and girls must be at the 'centre' of our response.

The United Nations is a Feminist organisation. It does not speak for the vast majority of people on the planet, and it cares nothing for boys or men at all.

Men die earlier. It's a women's issues. Men are the vast majority of workplace deaths - and do the vast majority of the dangerous, gruelling jobs which keep the infrastructure functioning. It's a women's issue. Men work more hours and pay more into the welfare system than women. It's a women's issue.

We are constantly supposed to believe that women are being short-changed, always have been - all courtesy of the ridiculous 'patriarchy' theory, and hordes of narcissistic, uncaring women and pathetic white knight mem.

The United Nations DOES NOT speak for ordinary people. It is an ideologically driven hate organisation, suckled and nurtured on the poison that is Feminism. And it is not alone. The tangled web of hatred has engulfed everything over the last 150 years - from pre-school education to terminal care.

Steve Brulé takes up this and other issues below:

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Sanam Naraghi Anderlini of the United Nations - Covid-19, Domestic Violence As a One-Sided Problem, and Misandry...

According to Sanam Naraghi Aderlini, advisor to the United Nations on gender and conflict, the Coronavirus is some kind of divine revenge on men - who are the only purveyors of domestic violence - despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. Women, of course, are blameless. Does narcissism and gendered hatred come in any plainer packaging?

When a misandrist woman makes a Twitter Tweet and then whips it down again pretty darned quickly one can only hope that she has realised she may be in the wrong. When that woman is involved in a highly responsible advisory position for the United Nations, one feels no surprise - but great concern.

Men suffer more from the effects of the Coronavirus than women. And far more men die.

Men - husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers, friends, uncles, nephews, grandsons...

Men who already constitute around 95% of workplace deaths for maintaining the comfortable environment which provides the stage for Feminists to seethe and spout misandrist bile.

Feminists, of course, have always pedalled the myth that domestic violence is something only men do to women - and we must BELIEVE WOMEN. This has gone so far as some Feminists advocating that if a woman murders her husband and then claims domestic abuse on his part, she is exonerated of guilt - without any proof being needed.

We also know that the majority of killings of offspring worldwide are carried out by mothers - but then there are always excuses, aren't there? Yes, yes - mental illness, hormone imbalances, PMS... Men are just violent and obviously in need of some kind of divine retribution - via interventions like Covid-19.

Of course.

Organisations like the United Nations harbour bigots. The main bastion of acceptable bigotry left in the world is Feminism. Just imagine, just for one moment, if Ms Anderlini had said that Covid-19 was 'revenge' on any other demographic.

Think about it.

Reminds me of the English vicar who said that AIDS was the 'wrath of God' being visited on gay men in 1985.

Thanks to Janice Fiamengo and Steve Brulé for the insightful discussion below - and for capturing Ms Anderlini's hate Tweet before she deleted it.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Carole Mundell, Bath University, The Poisonous Feminist Whisper Network...

Cookies for a misandrist - astrophysicist Carole Mundell of Bath University, England, is committed to Feminism and bypassing due process to destroy men's careers. She is not alone.

Carole Mundell, an astrophysicist at Bath University, requires no due process or evidence of guilt to pursue her misandrist goals. Via the Feminist Whisper Network, powered by women's proven inbuilt own group preference and unsubstantiated rumours, she is very happy to lose men jobs.

So, what is the Feminist Whisper Network? It's the old, old story of gossip, poison pens, unfounded accusations and rampant (and condoned) misandry used by some women, aided and abetted by white knight males, to destroy men's careers on nothing but hearsay.

Janice Fiamengo examines this worrying trend in-depth:

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

If Patriarchy Really Existed, Why Didn't It Stamp Out Feminism?

I've often wondered how we came to accept the tenets of Feminism. After all, if women are so oppressed, how on earth did Feminism survive? Why didn't the evil Patriarchy smother it at birth? The answer is, they weren't oppressed and that Feminism, always based on misandry, grew a head of evil steam, feeding off of the already gynocentric nature of society and the narcissistic, totally illogical views of some women.

Some vintage Karen Straughan on the subject:

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Karen Straughan On The Realities Of The Gender Pay Gap, 'Dog Whistle Politics' And Mike Rugnetta...

Canadian Honey Badger Karen Straughan is a legend. She does research. She thinks. She doesn't mince her words.

Here, she counters the nonsense spouted by chivalrous white knight Feminist male Mike Rugnetta. Yep, we all know the tendency of men to throw their own gender under the bus in order to look after the 'ladies'. Mike is a sad example of this.

Listen to Karen - and learn.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Psychology Today? No, MISANDRY Today!

Psychology Today magazine has, like just about everything else, been infiltrated by dishonest, own-gender-adoring Feminists - like Susan J Lewis. Yep, according to her, the justice system is about men subjugating women. Hmm. Which is why so many more men get custodial sentences than women.

Bitter ideologues like Ms Lewis spew absolute nonsense, with nothing to back up their claims (nothing that an objective mind could not debunk) and magazines like Psychology Today demonise men, both in the modern day and historically, while pretending to be scientific journals, worthy of serious, unbigoted perusal. Well, the word is out!

Steve Brulé has the word on this story and others in his latest Coffee Break video: