Saturday, 13 January 2018

Ignoring - And Even Smiling At Domestic Violence...


Isn't gender on gender violence funny? In 2014, a hidden camera and a couple of actors caught reactions by the public to two displays of violence... when a woman went for a man - it was a hoot! When a man went for a woman, it wasn't...

Fascinating. The UK Government apparently reports that domestic violence as reported is around 40% against males... can you wonder why it is so under reported?

Read all about it and see the video here:

Women Are Delicate, Men Are Not...

When I was a kid in the 1970s, feminism began its turn towards misandry. It could be seen in TV soaps like Coronation Street. In one scene, brassy barmaid Bet Lynch joked that she now wore briefs. Well, that's fine, although it was sadly a joke. Women should have been taking off their frilly finery and getting involved in the rough, tough work undertaken by many men. In another scene, barmaid Betty Turpin insists that she's not bringing a crate up from the cellar - the barman Fred Gee must do it, equality or not.

Meanwhile, of course, men went on doing the rough, dangerous work - digging the pipelines, doing the mining, building the buildings, etc, etc.

And women went on wearing the frillies and doing their make up and applying "freshen ups" half a dozen times a day and so on.

In leisure, it could be said that women have many of the comforts of childhood - they can have little cuddly teddies in their rooms, and continue to apply the make-up just as they first did after sneaking into Mummy's bedroom in their primary school years. Men, of course, who continue to like football, etc, well, they are simply "childish". It's a "man thing".

But a man who still likes his childhood teddy bears - well, that is simply NOT ON!

And as Mummy said, "boys don't cry" and, of course, men musn't either. Or they should "man up".

Women, of course, can and should cry if they feel like it.

In many ways, men were forced into a straight jacket imposed on them by thousands of years of being the stronger sex, the provider, the protector.

Women did not have to change. They simply demanded an equal share of the glamorous high power jobs.

Feminism should not be called feminism. it should be called "humanism". Many have been the demands for men to alter over the years, to be more sensitive (although be prepared to be told to "man up" if you are), to do this or do that or not do that.

But women could go on being women exactly as before - nail varnish unchipped - only with many more higher powered jobs in lovely air conditioned offices.

That's nonsense. If men need to change then so do women and that makes the whole idea of feminism or even masculinism (is there such a word?!) absurd.

For many men the idea of questioning this has been outrageous. For still their exists the old chivalrous attitudes - women are the "ladies" (even if they swear like troupers) and they must be treated as delicate sweeties.

Chivalrous men are as much the enemy of true equality as radical feminists.

But now we're in a situation where the likes of Sue Fish - formerly of Nottinghamshire police - are imposing dangerous misandrist policies, where politicians like Andrea Leadsom are making outrageous male-hating statements, where sexual harassment in the workplace and domestic violence are being seen as only something that men do, where young men and boys are committing suicide in huge numbers, where the vast majority of workplace deaths are still male because it's still men doing the jobs that make that feminist frilly, centrally heated lifestyle possible.

Meanwhile, money spinning organisations like the Fawcett Society and even Oxfam which has been hijacked by the radical feminist "cause" - continue to spew out nonsense like the pay gap myth.

The feminist movement was often horribly wrong headed - look at the Pankhurst suffragettes handing out white feathers to men - often boys - because they thought they should go to war.

Now it is purely evil.

And, sadly, men who believe that "Mummy" or "Mummy figure" or "Miss Whiplash" is always right play a large part in making this so.

Misandrist London Mayor Sadiq Khan - What Planet Does He Live On?!

London Mayor Sadiq Khan with his manifesto for "all London". Actually, if you want justice and equality, it should be entitled "For all misandrists". He doesn't speak for me and millions of others, men and women, who see the radical feminist movement for exactly the hate campaign it is. Mr Khan hides his light under a bushel.

Today, London Mayor Sadiq Khan took a swipe at the men's rights movement on Twitter after a speech at the Fabian Society:

Today at @thefabians conference I spoke about how we cannot allow a populist, anti-feminist narrative to take hold in Britain. Men must become better allies and progressives must fight back.

Mr Khan, with the male suicide rate spiralling, with organisations like Cancer Research UK discriminating against men with women only events and lower funding for male related cancers, with the vast majority of dangerous jobs still being undertaken by men (over 90% of workplace deaths are male, despite all these years of "equality"), with men being given harsher custodial sentences than women and discriminated against as fathers, we ARE fighting back.

What you call "populist" is simply a form of democratic protest against the hate-driven creed of radical feminism and the unthinking "chivalarous" support of men like you.

Please do step out of your cossetted existence, take a look at the real world and stop chasing the Islington person's vote. you seem to have somehow become trapped in the late 20th Century. The dawning realisation of the plight of men in this world belongs in some small degree to the late 20th Century, but largely to the 21st. Do try and update and take the blinkers off.

What Mr Khan is doing is highly dangerous for the male gender. Just like so many of our politicians. And it shows how out of touch they are with reality.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Information Commissioner's Office... Anyone For Misandry?

Misandry creeps in everywhere, doesn't it?

Take the UK's ICO - Information Commissioner's Office.

The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

Lovely, eh?

Take a gander at this:

Why should I worry about information security?

Information security breaches may cause real harm and distress to the individuals they affect – lives may even be put at risk. Examples of the harm caused by the loss or abuse of personal data (sometimes linked to identity fraud) include:

  • fake credit card transactions;
  • witnesses at risk of physical harm or intimidation;
  • offenders at risk from vigilantes;
  • exposure of the addresses of service personnel, police and prison officers, and women at risk of domestic violence;
  • fake applications for tax credits; and
  • mortgage fraud.
Eh? Surely that should read "people at risk of domestic violence"? I mean, what about men at risk of domestic violence? Even offenders at risk from vigilantes get consideration... but if you've been involved with a horrifying female who is gunning for you and you have a penis you can go and boil your head.

Oh dear, the Information Commissioner's Office is a sexist ass. 
Misandry is everywhere, you see?

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Toxic Femininity

You know, radical feminists and White Knights hate to believe that women do bad things. But they do. Often. Terrible things.

But radical feminists, like most hate groups, are determined to see themselves as good and pure and others - in this case men - as vile and evil.

And White Knights are there to provide chivalry. And crawling.

One in four women suffers sexual assault or rape? Not in my world and, when you look into the facts and discover that this statistic comes from a crap and highly misleading survey from 1982, you have to admit it explains why women are not actually experiencing the tidal wave of terror that this statistic, if real, would mean.

Some women leave the feminist sphere and the "sisterhood" often gives them a very hard time.

But these women are truly brave human beings and have truly had a "lightbulb moment".

I take my hat off to them because it's so much easier and cosier to stay with the bully gang that is the feminist "sisterhood", screeching "MISOGYNIST!" "RAPE APOLOGIST!", etc, etc, at the beleaguered opposite gender.

I've just been honoured to read the account of one woman's "lightbulb moment" and her farewell to the "sisterhood. It includes all sorts of things, including the facts that women too can be murderers and violent - horrendously so - and deals with dodgy statistics like the "one in four" rape myth, the gender pay gap, etc.

She says, having taken us through a lengthy parade of the evils that women do:

Wow, almost like violence is not so much a gendered issue and is more of a human issue,. Maybe instead of using tragedies to push an agenda and demonize an entire gender, we should focus on the real problem of violence as a whole.

Do read her article. It's inspiring. For all of us men and women who know what's what, it won't actually surprise us. But what is heartening is that the "sisterhood" doesn't always win. Some women do walk away.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Misandrist Universe Of Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren - she likes to swear, lives in an alternative universe, or just enjoys blaming men for everything.

You know, it’s strange. Life is strange. And it’s strange just what alternative universes people can live in. Especially women like Helen Mirren.

She didn’t want children. Fine. Who’s interested? Well, I would say that women in my life who have chosen the child-free route are most often questioned by other women. It’s not something men seem that interested in when making conversation with a woman on a purely social level.

But, perhaps due to some motherhood ‘fraternity’ thing, I have often heard women being called ‘unnatural’, ‘unfeeling’ and ‘not a true woman’ by other women when they don’t have the maternal instinct.

That’s not true, of course.
But that seems to have been a strong recurring problem child-free women in my life have encountered.

Men don’t usually ‘go there’, as we might have said in the 1990s.
But Helen Mirren really expects us to believe that other women have never questioned her child free state and it’s always ‘boring old men’?
‘The Oscar winning actress said it has never been women who have questioned her childless existence, but only ‘boring old men’. And whenever they went “What, no children old girl? Well you’d better get on with it,” I’d say, “No, fxxx off!”’

Does not compute, Ms Mirren, does not compute.
These misandrist luvvies spout all kinds of nonsense and think we're all rabid radical feminists who will buy it wholesale, or that we came up on the last bus. Several people who commented on the Daily Mail article echo my findings. Here's one:

In my experience it is always women who ask when i am going to have children. Before my sister had kids I had one acquaintance tell me that she saw one of my siblings one day and thought how strange it is that none of us had children yet ..... i was about 22 at the time........................ She thought it was SO strange. I guess it was for her when her 6 or 7 siblings all had children before they were out of their teens! That to me is much STRANGER! Men might ask but they might just be making conversation, women ask so they can be nosey and judgemental. I wish mothers didn't look at childfree women with pity because a lot of us are very happy and where we want to be! We look at a mother's life and think 'no thanks'. I love kids and am very involved with my siblings kids, but i still don't know if i am going to have any myself.

And Helen, luvvie - grow up. Spouting garbage so that radical feminists will think you're a heroine is hardly a sign of a mature personality. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

This Man's Work... Replying To Misandry At Oxfam...

Think I know women? No. And neither do you, Oxfam...

Aw, dear old Oxfam. It used to be about aiding the poor and the famine-stricken.

But, increasingly, if you support its causes, your money is being diverted into supporting women in bolstering up their martyred status as the poor old oppressed. Middle class female twitterers with high self-regard and brown-nosing White Knights hold a lot of sway at modern day Oxfam.

Take the question above. Well, who knows? It depends on the woman, surely? Does she work part time? Many women do - more so than men. Is she full-time? Does she like to do everything, claiming her partner is 'useless', or does she operate as part of a couple team? Does she like eating chocolate in front of the telly, or is she a dynamo? Does she do her shopping online or is she a dedicated trolley pusher? Does...

Well, you can see what a daft question the above is and just how unquantifiable it is.

Unless it's backed up by suspect statistics by the likes of the Fawcett Society, of course. And we all know what a misandrist 'jobs for the girls' organisation that is. And how can you tell that individual women are telling the truth? My mother always told my step father that she'd 'been on her feet all day', but I knew she'd spent the afternoon either chatting with Carol from across the road or watching Afternoon Plus and Sons & Daughters with her feet up.

How can you possibly tell? It's all so much down to the individual woman and her circumstances/honesty in presenting facts/personality.

Anyway, I work full-time and so does my wife. So when it comes to 'unpaid' work - i.e. keeping the house running (we can't afford a help) - what 'unpaid work' do I do?

Remember, I'm a man and therefore nasty.

As with the previous post, I decided to keep a log for one week.

Here is some of that log. Warning: it's not interesting, but it is true. I can't bear afternoon telly for a start!

Ah, true equality. Nope, Oxfam didn't produce this one!

Monday: Stayed at work unpaid for over seventeen minutes dealing with a customer. I wasn't paid cos I get a contracted hourly rate. When I got home, I sorted through some washing and put it in the machine. I timed that. Five minutes and forty-two seconds. Later, I took the washing out and put it in the drier. Time: two minutes and thirty-six seconds.

Later still, I hung the aforementioned washing over the clothes airer. Time: four minutes and eight seconds.

Put the rubbish out. Time: four minutes and three seconds.

My turn to cook dinner: total time: one hour and forty-two minutes. must admit, the oven and stove top rings did a lot of the work, but I did all the preparation. It was a from scratch veg stew and dumplings. My wife finds the stove is an unsung hero, too.

Washed up (wife dried). Time: twelve minutes, seventeen seconds.

Tuesday: Dusted and hovered before work. Made the bed. Time: twenty-four minutes, six seconds. Picked up some salad, cornflour and kievs on the way home from work. Time: nine minutes and fourteen seconds. Got the bins in. Time: three minutes and twenty-six seconds. Dried up. Time: nine minutes and fifty one seconds.

Wednesday: My day off. Made breakfast - four and a half minutes (approx. - half asleep). Cleaned leaves out of guttering. Time: two hours and forty-nine minutes. Nipped to Tesco's. Time: one hour and fifty minutes (including travelling on bus there and back). Made dinner. Time: two hours and eight minutes. Cleaned windows. Time: one hour and eighteen minutes.

And so on... my wife and I share our tasks - and so do the other couples I know. The only time that the 'unpaid' work is disproportionate seems to be when one partner is not working or working part-time. Regardless of gender. In which case, fine. Nobody's going to pay you to clean your house, do your shopping or look after your kids. That's life. And it's a life style choice.

But then the working partner's money is shared - in fact the majority of it goes on the kids, the shopping, etc. So it's hardly a carefree 'Wow, I get all the money!' scenario.

Oxfam really does need to cut out the codswallop.

I haven't gone into one of their shops since the 'Empowering Woman' slogan was added to their signs.

Barking misandry is not my bag when it comes to charitable causes.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Reply To Constance Knox Of The Daily Express: There Is A Dark Side To Female Banter

This never, ever, ever happens.
Goodness, Constance Knox, a journalist from the Daily Express, celebrated International Men's Day by giving men a right pasting.

As a "wise lady" (note 'lady') has told her: 'Men [note 'men'] are not controlling their own.' So we have 'men' and 'ladies' in Constance Knox's world?

How very Victorian.

At my workplace this year a Muslim security guard walked out after persistent sexual harassment from a female colleague.

She told him he had a cute bum, nice muscles, and tweaked his bum and muscles on about a dozen different occasions.

He told her to stop. She and her pals thought it was funny - and she continued. He finally told her to 'p**** off!' and told the manager. The manager, a man, told them to apologise to each other - after all, they were both in the wrong.

How come? asked the Muslim security guard, after all, if it had been a man harassing a woman, this would have been a police matter.

He refused to apologise and left. As he worked via a security firm he is now happily working elsewhere.

When I worked night shifts at a psychiatric hospital, I was harassed relentlessly by a female care assistant. She used to dig her hand in between my buttocks, squeeze my scrotum and nipples and was rather terrifying.

I knew if I had reported it I would be have been laughed out of the placement (I was working for a nursing agency). Other things, such as certain female staff asking me about the size of my penis and whether I was 'good' in bed, paled into insignificance beside it. I finally found an excuse to relocate. Still the female 'banter' could be very 'distasteful' at times (mostly women under forty, but a few over). However, as an adult I ignored it as best I could.

It takes a millennial (her word) like Constance Knox to show me the error of my ways.

Having been sexually abused by a female babysitter in the 1970s (well, she stripped off, danced around me and thrust her chest in my face when I was seven), groped in several pubs by lecherous females, put up with a welter of sexually embarrassing comments at work, and the aforementioned abuse of the care assistant, I now see I should cry 'FOUL!'

Women, as a mature gentleman, I would like to say that you are failing to control your own.

Please do better.

Take a look at this:

America has some things right -

Ooh, and what about this?

'She put her hand down my trousers for a dare': Male victims of sexual harassment take to Reddit to share shocking stories of being publicly groped by women

Whilst you're reading, please consider the staggering hypocrisy of women.

Not all women, of course. Not even the majority. But the same is true of men. It is a tiny minority of vocal woman in positions of power who are insisting on the 'men are to blame' ethos. And, of course, we must reply in kind.

Of course, here you just have my word for what has happened to me over the years, though I can provide some witnesses to certain events.

But then you only have Constance Knox's word for her experiences and those of the other women she cites. Just as we only have the word of the various women making sexual harassment allegations at Westminster.

There have been no court cases. Nothing has been proved. A man has committed suicide over one set of allegations.

Many women will say that the number of transgressions by men vastly outnumber those by women.

Unproven, of course. But we do know that men, whilst being the true victims of society, have no 'victim culture' and are not encouraged to speak out.

But men are in the wrong.

'Ladies' are in the right.

Not in the real world, of course.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Google Doodles Celebrate Women, Children, Hole Punches, But Not Men...

Yesterday was International Men's Day, which was particularly highlighting the disproportionate rate of male suicides. And this was Google:

But never mind. In March Google celebrated women, and today it celebrated children, and a week or two back it celebrated hole punches.

Good to know the search engine with a reputation for awesomely priggish political correctness gets its priorities right. Men or hole punches? No contest.

Google loves ya, hole punches! But men? Just drop dead.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Caroline Lucas And Philip Davies... How Wrong Can She Be?

Did you know that before the invention of hoovers, dish washers, etc, women were virtually slaves in their own homes? The men, meanwhile, were out having a high old time, enjoying themselves. I mean - LOL!

“It doesn’t matter whether the victim’s a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter whether the perpetrator is a man or a woman, everybody should be treated the same, surely that’s the whole point of gender equality – everybody should be treated the same irrespective of their gender.”

Philip Davies, MP, on equality.

Caroline Lucas, MP, gave her views on Philip's desire to join the "Women and Equalities Committee" at Westminster: “The day you’re a minority Philip, a white Anglo Saxon man, I don’t think so.”

Oh dear. Poor Philip Davies, vilified as a misogynist and a “white Anglo Saxon male”! Beyond the pale, eh? After all he’s not a minority so why should he be on the Women and Equalities Committee at Westminster? Well, oddly enough, I thought there were more women than men in general so surely the committee should be renamed the “men and equalities committee” and who gives a flying fig that there are less women MPs at the Palace of Westminster out here on the mean streets? After all, we, men and women both, elect who we want and plenty of biased encouragement is provided for women to get up there. And "women's issues" are constantly in the limelight. Men's never are. That's the whole point.

Westminster is far removed from reality, with the bizarre views of a handful of women and White Knight men in the general population of the UK representing the views of all. And men’s issues are shamelessly left to go hang. Higher suicide rate? Females committing acts of domestic violence? Over 90% of workplace deaths male? Unfair child custodial laws? Unfair prison sentencing laws? Don’t mention any of it - get stuffed – you misogynist!

And “Anglo Saxon”? Oh, Philip, you’re not a big bad Anglo Saxon whose forebears murdered or chased the Ancient Britons out of what is now known as that beastly abomination 'England', are you? Well no, you’re not. Recent DNA evidence points to what I’ve suspected since I was at school – that the Anglo Saxons mixed with and married the Ancient Britons in England and that their contribution to the bloodline is a minority. Yes, a minority. So, if you are one of those, Philip, not just common-of-garden English, you have even more right to be looking after equalities!

But I’m sure you are not. You’re a good old mixture like so many of us of English people of whatever race and vintage. The Anglo Saxons married the Ancient Britons, remember. The ‘Anglo Saxon male’ nonsense is just more of the piffle and bunk spouted by militant feminists and others who want to make white English men feel our forebears stole the land we live in by force and murdered or drove everybody else out. It keeps us in our place. We are not very nice. It stops us questioning things like the Barnett Formula and West Lothian Question. Of course we should be discriminated against. Caroline Lucas actually points up a fictitious demographic.

Read all about what genes constitute the older-established white English population here -

Note I say 'older-established white English population' because you do not have to be 'older established' or 'white' to be English. That's just a Westminster 'Divide And Rule' tactic. The English are the population of England, whatever else they are or however long they've been here.

And the notion that 'the Celts' are a distinct genetic group is also so much my eye and Betty Martin too -

There is an element of the aforementioned divide-and-rule in Caroline Lucas’s bizarre logic: Ugh! Anglo Saxon male! Note she didn't call Philip Davies 'British' or 'English'. No, she confined him to an ethnic group that, in reality, has no biological foundation. Men, wherever they come from, do not like to be discriminated against any more than women do (aside from the privileged White Knights of Westminster and the media and those who don’t check the facts), and most women don’t like men being discriminated against either. Philip Davies speaks for all people who want true equality in the UK.

Stuff his party politics. Party politics in the UK stink. Before the reign of New Labour got into its stride, I was a strong Labour supporter. Now, I support none of ‘em. But this is a man who has stepped outside of the box to try and do something meaningful and helpful to break through the toxic misandrist nonsense we are daily treated to.

He deserves the support of all of us out here in the real world, regardless of our genders and how we define ourselves ethnically when it comes to his stance on gender issues in Parliament.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Womansplaining, Female On Male Violence And Other Things... Keep A Log!

Love this! Note the jobs "the ladies" don't want "equality" in!
It seems that radical feminism relies on a ‘boys at one end of the playground, girls at the other’ scenario. This means that all interactions are judged on the genitalia of those taking part. If a man says something, it’s simply because he’s a man. If a woman does, likewise. There are no individuals. People are not simply people. They are male or female. 
Of course, radical feminists take a very low view of men, so I decided to adopt their mindset in my own views of women over a four week period.

And keep a log.

I was womansplained to twenty-two times during that month (under my own 'people' ethos I would simply have judged the woman as “patronising” and passed it over). Of course, some women – and those not a few - are just plain sexist and usually I ignore it – after all, we’re all people and the problem is two-sided. But, taking up my playground position. I was disgusted and disheartened. In fact, I was stunned when I broadened out the time span and realised just how much women tend to override me and talk to me in a condescending manner. But not all women. Still, we’re back in the playground, so…
I encountered overt sexism eighteen times (examples include being left out of a birthday get-together, being expected to lift and carry objects because I am male (although not in good health), having my long-term sleep-apnea related sinus problem dismissed as “man flu” and being told “you couldn’t possibly understand feelings because you’re a man!”). 

I was horrified and cringed when two loud women passed me in the street loudly slagging off one of their partners. “It’s a MAN THING, they never grow up,” one of the, er, apparently mature, women declaimed as they passed me, and both favoured me with a hostile look.

I waited for catcalls or other signs of flagrant verbal abuse, aside from the above, on the streets but didn't get any. But then none of the women out and about in my vicinity were getting any either, so I didn't feel cheated.

I felt horrified on the bus when a group of young girls jovially threatened to kick their young male friend “in the balls”. Usually, I would have found this distasteful but put it down to youthful high spirits. Now, in my new role at the boys’ end of the playground, I felt sickened, vulnerable, frightened and shaky. Even more so when one of the girls clumped the poor lad round the head. And it wasn’t gentle. Nobody to call her out, of course. How do these evil women get away with this behaviour, I wondered? I arrived home severely shaken and found myself looking at my wife differently…
But only for a minute.

I’m not as daft (or as manipulative) as a radical feminist.
It was an interesting experiment. Try it for yourself. Keep a log.

It all boils down to the fact that women are not perfect, just as men aren’t. 
And only radical feminists believe that the gender with ovaries is somehow divine.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Andrea Leadsom - A Known Misandrist Who Got Away With Vilifying All Men...,

Andrea Leadsom... Vote for me! I'm a lovely, innocent woman fighting to survive in a big, bad male world. Aren't I nice? And don't forget, the odds are stacked against you if you employ a male nanny!

What short memories we all have! As the UK Parliament gets itself into a lather over sexual harassment allegations (it all seems as far removed from reality as an episode of Dynasty in the 1980s), Andrea Leadsom gets that boring Michael Fallon bloke the chop.

But she herself got away with the most terrible piece of misandry in 2016.

Remember? She said people should think twice about employing males as nannies because of the risk they might be paedophiles. And good old "This Is What A Feminist Looks Like" Theresa May let her keep her post!

And Mr Fallon touched her knee and made "lewd" comments ages ago. Oh my gawd, whatever happened to feminism? Whatever happened to women living outside the kitchen and doing it for themselves? Well, mostly not the really dangerous or dirty jobs, of course (around 95% of workplace deaths are male)!

Suddenly, it's Victoriana time. Oh, dear! Beastly men! Pass me the smelling salts!

Well, as a male, I can confidently state that I have suffered from unwanted and forceful female attention - going right back to the 1970s when the babysitter scared me rigid, and progressing on to being a hospital night shift worker in the 1990s (neither of the perpetrators touched my knee, get the picture?). And statistics about female child abusers are scary. Erin Pizzey has stated that there are just as many female paedophiles as males.

And I believe it.

Here's Miss Pizzey on the subject:

By this time I was working in Santa Fe, New Mexico on child abuse cases and against paedophiles. Here is where I discovered that there were just as many women paedophiles as there were men. Women go undetected as usual. Working against paedophiles is a very dangerous business. I rescued a little British girl from a female paedophile in Britain while I was in New Mexico. It took three years of fighting against the English courts to rescue her and return her to her parents. When the official solicitor finally telephoned me and said I was right all alon[g], the child had been abused, I asked him if he was going to prosecute the woman. ‘No,’ he said. Yet another woman got away and is still getting away with abusing children.

But, having got away with making the most outrageous and unforgivable slur against men, Andrea Leadsom is back with this load of misandrist, opportunistic drivel about her poor little innocent self being grossly upset by a bit of a wally. Guys, cut out the chivalry and tell it like it is.

Women can stink every bit as bad as men.

And they do.