Tuesday, 17 March 2020

If Patriarchy Really Existed, Why Didn't It Stamp Out Feminism?

I've often wondered how we came to accept the tenets of Feminism. After all, if women are so oppressed, how on earth did Feminism survive? Why didn't the evil Patriarchy smother it at birth? The answer is, they weren't oppressed and that Feminism, always based on misandry, grew a head of evil steam, feeding off of the already gynocentric nature of society and the narcissistic, totally illogical views of some women.

Some vintage Karen Straughan on the subject:

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Karen Straughan On The Realities Of The Gender Pay Gap, 'Dog Whistle Politics' And Mike Rugnetta...

Canadian Honey Badger Karen Straughan is a legend. She does research. She thinks. She doesn't mince her words.

Here, she counters the nonsense spouted by chivalrous white knight Feminist male Mike Rugnetta. Yep, we all know the tendency of men to throw their own gender under the bus in order to look after the 'ladies'. Mike is a sad example of this.

Listen to Karen - and learn.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Psychology Today? No, MISANDRY Today!

Psychology Today magazine has, like just about everything else, been infiltrated by dishonest, own-gender-adoring Feminists - like Susan J Lewis. Yep, according to her, the justice system is about men subjugating women. Hmm. Which is why so many more men get custodial sentences than women.

Bitter ideologues like Ms Lewis spew absolute nonsense, with nothing to back up their claims (nothing that an objective mind could not debunk) and magazines like Psychology Today demonise men, both in the modern day and historically, while pretending to be scientific journals, worthy of serious, unbigoted perusal. Well, the word is out!

Steve Brulé has the word on this story and others in his latest Coffee Break video:

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Victoria Atkins, MP - Another UK Government Misandrist Ignores National Statistics Office Findings...

Another terrible liar in the UK Parliament is Victoria Atkins, MP for Louth and Horncastle. She sought to transform the International Men's Day debate into feminist propaganda.

The pay gap? Well, she mentioned it, but hurried over it in case she was challenged. It's been debunked so many times it was amusing.

Then she started quoting statistics from a small, feminist-flavoured charity called SafeLives, rather than the Office for National Statistics, while mentioning domestic violence. A charity cannot logically make the claims Victoria asserted. The Office for National Statistics is the place our government needs to gather its information from.

What a twister she is! Our MPs should be quoting official figures, not stuff from minute charities.

Victoria Atkins is a feminist bigot.

Victoria Atkins is a misandrist.

Victoria Atkins is a liar.

Read the Office for National Statistics findings on domestic violence here.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Deidre Brock, SNP Feminist, Brings Poisonous Ideology To Bear On Men...

Hooray for Philip Davies for bringing International Men's Day to Parliament. OK, it was the wrong day and relegated to a back hall because the UK Government would not give it time in the main hall, but the man is to be congratulated.

It's a shame Deidre Brock of the SNP (Edinburgh North and Leith) thought fit to bring her poisonous feminist ideology to the debate, but no more than we expected. A few of these highly entitled women were bound to.

'In these days of the #MeToo movement, we are hearing thousands more women’s voices that used to be silent. We have women demanding they are not paid less for the same or similar jobs as men, and women seeking to do their jobs without worrying about being groped or sexually assaulted by their boss. We have women who want to be able to go where they choose and wear what they choose without being attacked and then blamed for it. We hear a lot from women now. Thank goodness for today’s opportunity for men to stand up and demand those rights, too.
Some men who have long enjoyed the easy comforts of a patriarchal society feel threatened by more women having a say. Their own voice is no longer dominant and their privilege is no longer secure.'
Oh, Deidre! Grow up! The #MeToo movement is a hate movement which uses word-of-mouth to demonise. It has nothing to do with justice. I have been groped by women - when I haven't been wearing revealing or body hugging clothes - abused by the babysitter as a kid, sexually harassed at work. By a nurse. You really are a bigot.
Women are not paid less for doing the same jobs as men. That has been debunked by the Office of National Statistics, old Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.
Deidre is a comfortable, ideology-ridden bigot. She has no logic. No compassion. 
She simply has her head up the backside of her own gender.
Deidre is so comfortable because men still do the glass cellar jobs. The ones which bring about a 93% workplace death rate amongst men.
Deidre bringing her skewed, misandrist views into a very rare debate on men's issues is one of the reasons why feminists should not be in parliament. Women, yes - if they want to stand (and they don't seem that keen, despite various initiatives which discriminate against men) but feminists no. These women are sick.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Yumi Stynes And SBS Australia - Misandrists And Appalling liars!

Yumi Stynes is an entitled princess on Australian TV. She doesn't keep the lights on. She just swanks about and disparages those who do. Men. The SBS show she wrote and presented on sexism totally skewed survey findings, revisited the constantly debunked wage gap myth - this time using primary school kids and lollipops to do so - and was a totally bigoted and reprehensible piece of broadcasting.

Go work a glass cellar job, Yumi. And stop being such a misandrist liar.

And Australian men - consider going on strike to underline what the pay gap is really all about. When women like Yumi can't put the heating or air conditioning on, and can't flush the loo, they might just learn why men earn more and why many men are a bit coarser than the entitled gender.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Penny Mordaunt, Misandrist MP, Announces Intiative To Help Women In The Wake Of International Men's Day...

Penny Mordaunt, Minister for WOMEN and Equalities (travesty of a title), is an out-and-out misandrist - one of many who infest the UK Parliament. She witters on about the gender pay gap - which has been debunked by the Office For National Statistics, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all, and, in the wake of International Men's Day (ignored by the UK Parliament), set out a strategy to direct more attention to WOMEN in low paid jobs. Ignoring men, of course. This woman is blinkered and own-gender-adoring - right up there with Jess Phillips.

Feminists and white knights - please leave 'our' parliament! Over 90% of the UK population are not feminists. You simply represent your own elite bubble, not us.

Monday, 19 November 2018

International Men's Day 2018 Celebrates The Gender Which Sorts Feminists' Nasty Waste Matter

Plop! Plop! go Helen Mirren, Jess Phillips, Baroness Hale and Emily Thornberry as they visit the toilet on International Men's Day. And a horde of wonderfully selfless men are left to sort out their mess.

A friend of mine said recently that she thought it was highly offensive that International Men's Day has also been designated World Toilet Day. I'm sure that whoever came up with that didn't intend to be nice to men at all, but who is it that keeps our toilets flushing and our sewage system operating? Men, of course. I recently read about several men who had to dive into a tank of untreated sewage because women had thoughtlessly flushed things away that had blocked it up.

Could you imagine women doing it? Let alone the likes of Theresa May, Stella Creasy, Emma Watson or Jess Phillips? No, neither can I! #HeForShe? Never in a million years!

So, our toilets are just one more thing - like just about everything in our luxurious lifestyles, replete with sparking technology, which we have to thank men for!

Hope this is being a special day for the most put-upon and unappreciated gender - men. We're great!


'80s Actual tweeted about our blog post and linked to Jess Phillips herself. Jess's reply: 'Mate women have been wiping up shit all their lives, stop spouting it' was typically illogical (what IS she on about ?!) and abrasive. As usual, no hint of appreciation for men who keep her comfortable life just so. Jess, you really are an ungrateful and spoilt woman. I dare you to spend a month working in the sewers and doing a dive in a tank - just for the experience!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Stella Creasy, Misandry And The UK Government

'Glass cellar jobs? What on earth are they?'

Stella Creasy is another of those dreadful misandrist MPs who stands on the shoulders of the toiling men in the glass basement jobs and wants to shield her own gender from the slightest unpleasantness.

It's all air-conditioned, clean and pretty, isn't it, Stella? Aim for the imaginary 'glass ceiling', don't imagine who's sorting your mess when you've wiped your bum and flushed it away. Don't consider who's making your all mod-cons lifestyle possible.

Men, of course.

And if some men can seem a little coarse and rough at times, is it surprising when you take into account the dirty and downright dangerous jobs they do to keep Stella whining in comfort?

The UK Government is apparently considering whether to make misogyny and misandry 'hate crimes'. The whole concept of 'hate crimes' sounds dreadfully 1984 to us, but there you go.

But you can bet your bottom dollar since ghastly misandrist police office Sue Fish, after a consultation with militant lesbian feminist Mel Jeffs, started a scheme to make misogyny a hate crime in Nottingham, that if anything is passed into law it will not be the outlawing of misandry.

Can you imagine the consequences? Baroness Hale up in court for skewing the gender-sentencing gap even further against men?

No, no. Rampant gynocentrism means that women will be considered and men will not.

Sickening. No wonder MGTOW is blossoming. Hopefully one day there'll be no men left who are willing to undertake the death/dirty/dangerous jobs, and these weak and whiny feminists will be forced to face the sort of thing men have always faced.

If they do, they might have pleasant surprises. Due to a 40% difference in upper body strength, garnered from thousands of years of doing the tough physical work, men (in general) undoubtedly have an advantage over women (in general) when it comes to strength. Sadly, this can be reflected when crimes are committed. But women forced to do the glass cellar jobs will soon equal men in physical strength.

Sounds good to me. Instead of sheltering these wilting damsels at Feminist HQ (the Fawcett Society and the UK Parliament) let them work for their living and, simultaneously, make the world a safer place for them.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Woman Hits Bus Driver, Bus Plunges Off Bridge Into River, All Killed. Partly Driver's Fault?!!

China: When a woman hit a bus driver with her mobile phone, the bus veered out of control and the bus then plunged off a bridge and into a river. All passengers and the driver was killed. Wow, what a dreadful, self-centred woman to cause such a thing! Is this an example of toxic femininity?

Of course not.

Because: gynocentrism.

Having been attacked, the driver sought to defend himself, lost control of his faculties and the accident happened. This was not a 'fight' between the driver and the passenger as some news stories claim.

This woman caused the deaths through her own lack of control, violent impulses and sense of entitlement.

There are NO excuses. The woman caused the situation.

Watch Paul Elam and Tom Golden on the subject above.

Death imminent: Moment of horror, woman bashes the driver with her smart phone because the bus route has been reorganised due to roadworks and she has missed her usual stop.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Annie Lennox - 1980s Pop Star Cares About People (With Vaginas).

Annie Lennox... well, she was a great and creative force in 1980s pop music, we adored her, but now she's into rights. The rights of people with vaginas. And she travels all over - seeing the 'plight' of people with her genitalia - and ignoring the plight of those with penises. She pays a little lip service to boys and men, but that's all it is. Yes, we might live in a 'bubble' in the West, Annie - one in which men are wilfully discriminated against and the likes of you flounce about on the bodies of those men in the glass cellar, but it's not easy for men and boys elsewhere, either. Try seeing the plight of a young boy forced to go out to work or forced into prostitution to support his female relatives elsewhere. Try watching Karen Straughan.

We've just discovered Daniel Bostock, an English singer, humourist and commentator. He likes Annie, but has plenty to say about her head-up-the-backside-of-her-own-gender stance.

Do have a watch!

And Annie, while we don't expect you to care about the West Lothian question or the Barnett Formula - major issues of discrimination right on your own doorstep, or the plight of men in particular, you could try extending your gaze to the plight of people in general. Because if you're going to create a special kind of 'wronged' class out of your own gender and idolise it up into something rather wonderful and blameless, well, that's just a tad narcissistic, don't you think?

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) Are Actually Against Equality...

Note the #JUSTICEFORWOMEN hashtag on the back of the hatted woman's T-shirt. That's right. It is. The same retirement age as men - who don't live as long as your sainted gender. So you'll still end up taking more out of the pot. And don't you feel good holding up that bus for your selfish whinging? There are real people with real concerns on that bus, some of whom may be on errands of mercy. Why not get back to work?

Men die on average about six years earlier than women, do the death/dangerous jobs in the glass basement, and yet until recently had to retire five years later. DISGUSTING. Now this is being equalised, of course the 'ladies' are out in force, blocking traffic in Parliament Square, and generally behaving like the spoilt brats they are.

SUCK IT UP! This is EQUALITY. It's not all special privileges for the 'ladies' (leading to further inequalities). It sometimes has downsides. And in fact hardly any because women are still treated as a privileged class.

Despite blocking traffic in Parliament Square, no arrests were made at this selfish rally, but Mike Buchanan, of Justice for Men and Boys, was arrested in 2016 and fined for holding the traffic up for a much shorter time while protesting against male genital mutilation! If you don't know how damaging that can be, do watch Cassie Jaye's The Red Pill.

Read Mike's piece here.

The selfishness of these women is shocking. Most women I know have taken the rise in State Pension age in their stride. As my friend Christine said yesterday: 'What are they moaning about? Honestly, sometimes I feel embarrassed to be a woman!'